Pregnancy Waxing

Waxing For Mums To Be 

Bikini waxing (and any other waxing for that matter) is perfectly safe during pregnancy when carried out by an expert waxer. However because of hormone changes and increased circulation during pregnancy it can make it a little more sensitive when waxing. That is why we have tailor-made a pregnancy package to help you get the best results causing the least discomfort to you. 


  • Head Waxer - 59.00
  • Senior Waxer - 56.00
  • Waxing Specialist - 54.00


  • Come in 10 minutes early to grab a cuppa and have a chat through your consultation with your waxer.
  • Your waxer will go through a consultation with you then take you in for your wax.
  • Once your treatment is finished, your waxer will apply Refreshing Gel and Bio-depyl concentrate (described below) to kick start the soothing effects before you even leave the salon. 
  • You will then get a home-care bag away with you with the products that will be suited to your specific needs. This is designed to keep re-growth to a minimum and continue soothing your skin after the wax helping you   through the pregnancy waxing with the utmost comfort. 

Refreshing Gel

Contains plant extracts. Soothes and refreshes the skin, perfect for just after your wax. 

Bio-depyl Concentrate

This soothing formula helps prevent the risk of irritation and minimises the appearance of redness. It has a growth-moderator effect, for hair that becomes sparser and grows back thinner and shorter.


Pregnancy Woman Waxing
“Thank you! It was my first experience in waxing and you’ve made it as good as it was possible :) I definitely will come back :)”
— Olga - 26.01.17