Peaches Wax Bar

Peaches Will Wax You Better Than Anyone Else.

Peaches Wax Bar has a choice of dedicated waxing salons for both Male Waxing and Female Waxing in Glasgow, Falkirk & Aberdeen.
You can rest assured that at Peaches you are with the most skilled waxers in the country whether you're male or female, looking for basic bikini waxing, brazilian waxing or simple body waxing you require, your expectations will be exceeded with our expert hair removal techniques. We strive for waxing perfection and our customer service is that good that we keep winning awards to say so. 
Perfectly placed in the heart of Glasgow's Merchant City, Aberdeen's West End and Falkirks Town Centre each salon is easy to access for those with or without a car. 
With 24/7 booking facilities through the website and our own, free App that you can book, reschedule or simply just check future appointment details, we not only provide you with the best waxing service there is, we also help make your busy lifestyle run a little smoother.

You're in a better place at Peaches. Why?...

  • Peaches will help you to get the best results possible causing the least pain as possible.

  • At Peaches you will only ever get waxed with Perron Rigot, the best wax in the world. 

  • You will leave Peaches feeling at your best, giving you more confidence than you have ever had before.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our returning customers have to say.

Peaches Wax Bar is the first in each city that we are in to bring you the latest, newly developed waxing techniques to make your waxing treatments as comfortable as possible casuing the least pain. 
We are dedicated to giving our clients the best wax by continuing to carry out in-house training on all the team members. We grade our waxers from entry level trainee, to head waxers. This is decided not on the length of service your waxer has been at Peaches, but their skill being consistently flawless along with knowledge of aftercare and homecare for all skin & hair types. Even our trainee waxers are highly skilled before they are able to wax clients so no matter who you choose, you are in the best trained hands. Team Peaches are hand picked by Kerri, Queen Peach and trained by herself, to her meticulous waxing standards. Standards that have put Peaches on the map today as the front runners in the waxing world. 
We are also proud to bring you the latest treatments that compliment our waxing treatments, such as Dermaplaning. We offer Dermaplaning in all our branches now, being the first in each area to specialise in this innovative treatment. 

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