Womens Waxing

Peaches are Perron Rigot only salons, the best premium waxing products to ensure your utmost comfort at all times.

We only use hot wax (non-strip) for all female bikini waxing and on smaller, more sensitive areas, then warm wax (strip wax) for the likes of leg waxing and other larger areas on the body.

We are the experts at helping you get over your fear caused by past experiences of waxing. All you need to do is simply book your wax in with any of our waxers and we guarantee your fear of being waxed will quickly subside when you realise that you are in the hands of a professional, highly trained waxer (and that's us talking about our trainee's too!) 

You can have the biggest body hang ups ever, and we guarentee you will still be made to feel more comfortable than ever when you're in the waxing room. You cannot beat the skill and professionalism of any member in Team Peaches. 

Please note prices vary depending on the level of experience your chosen waxer is at.

Female Intimate Waxing

  • Full body (inc. any bikini wax of your choice) – 150.00-165.00
  • Hollywood (all bikini hair waxed) - 38.50-45.50
  • Brazilian (all bikini hair waxed with strip/triangle left on top) - 38.50-45.50
  • Thong (not as much waxed off as a Brazilian, but more than a basic ) – 22.00
  • Basic Bikini (hair outside panty line waxed) - 17.00
  • Vajazzle (Hollywood/Brazilian with Swarovski crystal design) - 48.00

Upgrade your Hollywood or Brazilian wax by choosing our Premium Waxing treatment - find out more about our premium waxing.


Female Body & Full Face Waxing

We can wax pretty much any hair on the body. If it's not on the list, just ask. (and just because you're a female asking for a back wax, don't think we haven't seen it or been there before!)

  • Eyebrow – 9.00-12.00
  • Eyebrow tint & wax - 16.00-19.00
  • Nostrils – 10.00
  • Upper lip – 7.00
  • Chin – 10.00
  • Lip & chin – 15.00
  • Full face (brows, lip, chin, side of face) – 23.00
  • Navel line – 10.00
  • Breast & nipples – 16.00
  • Under arms – 15.00
  • Small of back – 17.00
  • Full back – 25.00
  • Half tummy (tummy button downwards inc. navel) – 14.00
  • Full tummy (chest down to bikini line) – 24.00
  • Half arms – 16.00
  • Full arms – 21.00

Female Leg Waxing

  • Half leg – 20.00
  • Three quarter legs – 25.00
  • Full legs – 29.00
“Kellyanne made me feel so at ease as I was very nervous for my first visit to the salon, surprised at how pain free it was and will definetly be back ! Thanks”
— Siobhan - 14.02.17